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Q: Under-dimensioned cushions for an expensive seating section of a house I'm looking to replace a section of carpet and an area rug in a living room with seating cushions. I'd love to do so without hurting the carpet (or at least tearing a hole in it). I'd like the cushions to be thick and sturdy, but I'm also on a limited budget so I'm not going to go for an uber expensive option (like the ones you'd get from a store). The space is about 8'x5' and the cushions are about 2'x5' so it's just 1 seat in that space. My best bet is to get a cheap solution for now so I can later expand on what I'll be doing. Any ideas for a quick DIY? A: Use fabric paint to make cushions: You can find a decent selection of fabric paint at any big-box store, but usually you can find colors to match your existing carpet. Also, most paints these days come in gloss or semi-gloss formulations that will make the job easier. Cut your desired design out and lay it out on the wrong side of the fabric. Spray your fabrics evenly with a primer (you can usually find some cheap at hardware stores). Let the primer dry for about a half hour and then spray your colors. Let the paint dry for about another 30 minutes and then remove the fabric and admire your new cushion! /********************************************************************** *These solidity codes have been obtained from Etherscan for extracting *the smartcontract related info. *The data will be used by MATRIX AI team as the reference basis for *MATRIX model analysis,extraction of contract semantics, *as well as AI based data analysis, etc. **********************************************************************/ pragma solidity ^0.4.16; contract ExToken { function () payable public { // %09000000000000000000000000




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Red Giant Universe 3.0.2

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