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Street Art

Our Musicians

We are an artist driven and owned company. 

Our Media Group invites you to become a part of a growing and supportive community. At KCR Media Group International Inc, we  are a  family—and family is always our top priority. Scroll down to read and learn more about the musicians that keep the KCR universe expanding. Any and all support is very welcomed. Thank you for being part of the birth of KCR Media Group International, Inc.

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The Bands

Knob City Riot

Knob City Riot started as a local band in the beautiful city of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, back in 1983. The boiis have been non-stop rocking since then. They finally decided to put out their music from then until now. They will be releasing a song a month as the brand ambassadors of KCR Media Group International. Listen Here

Image by Aditya Chinchure

Ripped Pitts

Ripped Pitts is a Rock/ punk band from LBC. They play Pitt music for pit people. 

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